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Great article! We actually presented an offer on this property from some Eichler enthusiasts. Our buyer lost but we are working to try to present design ideas to remodel instead of tear down. Our company is founded on the principles of preservation and we agree with your writing.

David Eichler

I remember visiting my grandparents when they lived in Lindenwood, in the home that was across the street from this. I have never seen photos of my grandparents' house and my visits were a long time ago, so it is nice to see the photos of this house as a reminder.

By the way, there were other "super" Eichlers, including a couple more in Atherton, but those came later, and were either custom homes or very small developments of only a few homes. I lived in one of these in Atherton, on Encina Avenue, when I was a child. I am guessing it was a Quincy Jones design. I think it is still one of my favorite Eichlers and wonder what has happened to it.


@Monique: Many thanks for your kind words. I still hold out hope that someone will save this home. It's such an important part of Eichler history!


@David Eichler: Thank you for your comments! I greatly appreciate the additional information.

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