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I grew up in a 1958 Eichler in the San Mateo Highlands and it's so awesome to see how people love them! WOW, the cabinets with the finger holes in the kitchen with the fold down kitchen table, the heated linoleum floors, the atrium where my parents planted ferns and put a skylight...what great memories!!


Fantastic write-up/assessment of this sad and wounded Eichler. Agree, there's a lot of potential here. The margins seem too tight for a developer, as you said, which is great news. Hope a genuine Eichler fan (with a fat wallet) gently nurses it back to life.

Dollar Bin

I've seen this one on a couple of blogs, but it's always interesting to see photos that aren't from the real estate listing. I'd be really sad if somebody doesn't fix this one up, it's a great layout. 7000 square feet is a lot of San Francisco dirt, it seems like there would be a lot of temptation for somebody to tear it down and build the giant, generic crap-cox of their dreams.

Eichler Remodel

Anyone have an update on whether this house was healed? @Steph - we hit the San Mateo Highlands Eichler tour over the summer, which was awesome!

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